The driver in the left lane is going slow. They're being what your mom used to call, "A slowpoke!" As in, "C'mon, slowpoke, get a move on, the rest of us hope to get somewhere today." How do we deal with it? We complain, because, really, that's all we can do.

But, if MN State Senator John Jasinski (R – Faribault) has his way today, there will be a $100 fine for being the pokey-joe that holds up everyone else. What's today? It's Slowpoke Bill Day in the Senate Transportation Committee. The hearing starts at 12:30. It is just the first step, but if it can get out of committee, things could get mighty real for the left-lane slow-pokes.

Curt St. John, from Quick Country, wrote about this last March (click HERE) and added a statement so true is sings.

"Now, if they could also get a bill going that would crack down on those drivers who don't accelerate up to the speed of traffic when they're merging onto the highway (like along Highway-52 or I-35 anyone?!?), we'd REALLY be on to something!"

PS - Let's remember another wonderful law from 1983 when it became illegal to park on the dance floor.

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